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Adding upon an already breathtaking adventure.

Client: Dutours

Services: Strategy, Discovery, Research, Branding, Art Direction, Digital, Development, Collateral

Live website: https://dutours.com/

Dutours has been providing high-quality walking experiences in the popular tourist city of Dubrovnik, Croatia since 2016. The key emphasis for the touring experiences is focusing on, not only the popular attractions of the city but its little known corridors and stories.

The charm and beauty of Dubrovnik lie in its long and rich history. Over many centuries, the city established itself as an independent and influential city. Its captivating history is filled with barbaric invasions, powerful rivals and a truly rich tradition of arts and crafts.

Dutours tailors their tours to each customer's needs and interests, therefore always giving tourists a unique visit to the breathtaking vistas. They not only have a chance to walk through Dubrovnik but become a part of it as well.

"Filip was very forthcoming and transparent in every part of the project! The website he delivered completely blew away my expectations."

- Roxana Mišić, founder, Dutours


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